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Donating Items to the Library

Please contact the library to see if space allows at the time you want to donate.

We can accept the following items:

  • Books- These can be hardcover or paperback, but must be in great condition.  No textbooks accepted.
  • DVDs- Movies and Series must be in their box or case.  No VHS tapes are accepted.
  • AudioBooks- The CDs must be in their box or case.  No cassette discs accepted
  • Music CDs- CDs must be in their case.

    Some of your donated items are incorporated into the library’s collection, while others are sold at the following prices.:

    Item Pricing
    Books $.25/each or 5/ $1.00
    DVDs $.50/each or 5/ $1.00
    AudioBooks $1.00/each
    Music CDs $.50/each or 5/ $1.00

Monetary Donations

Thank you for your interest in donating to Spring Lake Library!

Cash and check donations can be accepted at the front desk.  Checks made out to Spring Lake Library can also be mailed to the following address:
Spring Lake Public Library
1501 Third Ave.
Spring Lake, NJ 07762

Donations may be made to the Library for the purchase of materials and other items. In the case of a cash gift for the purpose of memorial, tribute, or other recognition, the donor has the option of selecting the items to be purchased.  The general nature of the book, or its subject area, could be based on the interests of the deceased or the wishes of the donor.

Should the donor indicate no preference for a specific use of the gift, the donation shall be used in a way and for whatever materials, equipment, or programs that are deemed to be of greatest need for the Library.

If your donation exceeds $250 we will direct you to consider our Donor Plaque.

Donor Plaque

Our Donor Plaque was created to recognize larger gifts to the Library.

This Plaque is located at the inside entrance to the library.  It was created in 2020 in response to numerous requests for more commemorative options within the structure of the library.  Donors become eligible for an inscribed plate on the board with a minimum donation of $250. 

We are excited to recognize our Donor Family in this manner!

  Please contact the Library for more information about reserving space on our Commemorative Donor Plaque.